Founded at the end of the 19th Century in Torre del Greco, the Del Gatto Antonino company has been in the shell cameo and coral art since five generations. Its history started with Aniello Del Gatto who, thanks to his great passion and experience in this sector, has been able to affirm its products worldwide. Since the beginning of the last century, in fact, its trading relationships already touched cities like Wien and New York. But Del Gatto's company has never carried on its tradition in a passive way. It has always been renewing and improving its production, paying attention to every single client needs and using the carving technique of the best artists in Torre del Greco, the only town in the world where the secrets of the Shell Cameo art hand down from generation to generation.

The Del Gatto Antonino Company is now directed by Ernesto Del Gatto whose management aims to make the familiar tradition meet with the markets evolutions. The firm constantly develops new items and improves the service to its international customers in order to gain their trust. Trust that is well repaid through an high quality production with very competitive prices and through the development of business contacts not only joining the most important jewelry exhibitions (Vicenza, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, ) but also taking advantage from the opportunities given by the new communication technologies. Every inquiry from our clients is welcome and it is an opportunity to make better.
Together with Ernesto del Gatto there are his wife Antonietta, his son Francesco, who is the sales director, and his wife Antonella………….

………….we are at the dawn of the sixth generation!