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Our cameos recreate on sea shells attractive country scenes, delicate profiles of women, flowers, reproductions from famous paintings and so on.
They are worked entirely by hand and they can be sold loose or with gold or platinum frames , sometimes enriched by gemstones just like diamonds, rubies and emeralds.
The most used shells are:
"Cassis Madagascariensis" (Sardonyx Shell) which comes from the Caribbean sea. Due of its features, it allows the realization of miniatures of uncomparable beauty.
"Cassis Rufa" (Cornelian Shell) which comes from the southeast African coasts and it is aimed mainly to the production of most commercial items.
Every shell is selected by Del Gatto with the greatest accuracy in order to have an high quality production which is appreciated by our regular clients and which has gained notoriety in all worldwide markets.
We also offer Agate Stone Cameos of selected quality.

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Coral, usually defined as "Red Gold", is another product of Del Gatto business. From the big coral branches we create objects of art which go to adorn different classes of jewels. To the collectors we dedicate special masterpieces realized by the most important artists in our town.
To those unique pieces we add the most common shapes: cabochons, buttons, beads, barrels, weaver's strings in order to manufacture rings, earrings and necklaces.

Del Gatto company is also well known for Pearls trade. We go personally to Japan to selects only the best quality that is sold with our trademark "Nihon". Cultured pearls are fashion's favorite jewels because they go so well with all types of styles from day to evening. Our most popular type of pearl jewelry is the necklaces in different color tonalities and sizes. We also mount rings and earrings with various Mabè pearls shapes.

Still today in the copper mines it is possible to find a treasure: the Turquoise.
From those natural blue stones, the most talented carvers of Del Gatto's company create bigger treasures: the Turquoise Cameos.

The raw material used to carve Lava Cameos has enough tickness to allow the artists to create beautiful and unique pieces which are not only worn as jewels by ladies, but are also demanded by many collectors.
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